Mr MARK – Aug 12th


You’re in for a special treat this week! I just found a copy of an album that meant a lot to me back in the late 70s and early 80s, so I’m going to mix in several surprise tracks from it through the course of the evening and pull together a special theme.

When I played for you all a few weeks back, I was still hyped up from a banging night at Wicked the weekend before, so a lot of the tracks in my record box were still on that high-energy tip. And although we got off to a great start and were really jamming through the middle of the evening, I noticed that a fair number of you got tired and ran out of gas before the last hour.

So this week I’m going to keep it funky, and pace the wave more carefully so you can enjoy the jams and keep grooving for as you can. If you like to fly like an eagle and ride the waves like the sea be sure to make it down this week for an extra special jam! Discogs has been good to me lately, so get ready for some fresh sounds 😉

Note to our audiophile dancers: We just replaced the styluses on our Ortofons, (new needles on the turntables) and guarantee you the cleanest analog sound on 100% high fidelity vinyl!

VIP Passes for your friends! If you’re one of our well-loved regulars, we’ve got complimentary pairs of VIP free passes for you to pass along to your newbie friends! Help us grow the DANCE JAM Friday night community by bringing some new folks to our floor, just ask at the door or come by the DJ booth <3

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